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Editorial: A look at the past

June 08, 2011 | 03:59 PM
With all the things we as people, and particularly as Americans, have on our plates we often forget about the big picture.

We turn our thoughts to our next meal (did I remember to bring lunch?), whether we filled up the gas tank the previous day, what to wear to an upcoming event, whether the kids have done their homework, how we'll make it to that looming appointment with all the traffic. We also think about the bigger things in life like providing a stable, loving life for our children, nurturing close relationships, furthering our career and whatever else is important to us.

But with a little perspective sometimes we can appreciate where we came from, what it took for our ancestors to get where they did and that everything we do, all the little day-to-day annoyances, do add up to something. So it makes sense that we would be interested in learning more about the history of a family, a people, a particular area, whether it is our history or not. The project in the Bethel Christian Avenue Laurel Hill Historic District, a Native and African-American community in Setauket, could uncover some information that could connect that community to its past.

The project, A Long Time Coming, seeks to inform the community about its own history. For some, it will be a refreshing reminder. For others, anything that comes out of this project can only add value to the lives of the people living there.

Whether or not connected to the family in question, the Harts, knowledge of the past gives one guidance for the future if that information is used for good.

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